Thursday, 15 January 2015

Creating Balance in the Classroom

Nothing that I am about to say is new or profound but it is something that is important to my classroom and something which, at times, gets overlooked: balance.

Scrolling through Twitter today, several practitioners have linked to Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset (a brilliant read). I am convinced that this should be the undermining of principle of any learning establishment. However, in a system that is defined by rising standards and increased accountability - how do we promote a positive mindset? Naturally, we focus on the aspects that we want to improve - but, in our aim to promote excellence, do we continue to nurture the emotions of the students (and the staff) involved?

This weekend I was given an interesting piece of information: the ratio of positive to negative experiences needed to produce a safe learning environment is 3:1. I then looked at my current coursework - although it finishes with a WWW and an EBI - am I promoting a love of learning and the strength to tackle the next redraft. Honestly, I'm not sure! Is the 50/50 balance responsible for the learned helplessness that can infiltrate our classrooms? Maybe...

So here is this week's challenge... Positive comments on the left, areas for development on the right with the aim of ensuring a 3:1 ratio. Results next week!

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